The Malt House

Olde Malt Mall, 15 High Street, Galway, Co. Galway

Tel: +353 (0)91 567 866

The Malt House Restaurant in Galway has justundergone major changes and re-opened Thursday, May 8th, with a new look, new atmosphere, new menus and a new wine list.

Proprietors Mary and Paul Grealish are veryexcited about the changes.  “We set ourselves two challenges. The firstwas to change the look and feel of the place and the second was to come up withan entirely new outlook on the food served.  On both counts we askedexisting customers, staff and focus groups what they would like to see changed.The feedback was very consistent: Ditch the carpets, the dickie-bows,  thetablecloths and create a modern and stylish space to enjoy great local food andwine.”

We hope to take some of the stuffiness from eating out in Galway by giving customers the opportunity to enjoy excellent fresh food and wine in a relaxedatmosphere at reasonable prices. We’re confident that people will like there-launched Malt House,” continues Paul.

With regard to food, we figured out early on that we simply had to source the best local ingredients from the best local producers. With this in mind, HeadChef Brendan Keane, Sous-Chef Brian McCormack  and Paul spent the last monthon the road meeting producers and finding the best ingredients”.

From farms to fishing boats, the road trip was a huge success”, explainsBrendan. “It was great to see the ingredients in their natural environment andto meet with producers who are as passionate about good food as we are. We nowhave made a real connection with those who produce, for example our organicsalad leaves, our free range eggs or who catch our fish. And we are still on the look-out for other local artisan producers!”

“The road trip was a journey in more ways than one. We now have a whole newoutlook on food. We have met with some fantastic producers and the ingredientsthey provide means that our menus almost write themselves. If it’s fresh, localand in season, we’ll consider it for the menu”, states Brendan.

While the new look Malt House Restaurant is all about the food, it alsofeatures some unique photos from photographer Reg Gordon which feature some ofthe ingredients from the recent road trips.

If you are a local producer and wish to get in contact with Head-Chef BrendanKeane please e-mail him at

Olde Malt Mall, 15 High Street, Galway, Ireland  T:+353 91 567866 F:+353 91 563993